Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Constant blogging.

I've mentioned before I have another blog. I truly underestimated the work it takes to maintain a blog. I was under the assumption that posts would come easy to me and that I'd have interesting things to write about every day.

This is not the case. I spend a lot of time reading about how to write a successful blog but the one thing I should have been doing was going back and proofreading my entries.

The thing about blogs is that yes, you want something exciting and fresh to attract readers but you can't always assume the reader is going to go back and read older posts. This doesn't mean a a blog writer you shouldn't go back and read your posts because in the even you do attract an audience and your entires are compelling enough to start from the beginning you don't want the reader to think you're an idiot.

Editing should be done before you even hit the publish button but in the event, for whatever reason, a type slips past you it's important to go back and fix it.

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